Now Hiring: All Positions

You’ve seen the signs before at your favorite store or restaurant. Jay Leno reads some pretty funny want ads now and then. If you looked through a newspaper (if you’re under 16, ask an adult what that is), you might be surprised by some of the jobs listed. Someone gets paid to do that? Just ask [...]
Eli is already practicing

Expanding By Two Feet

Yes, if you haven’t already heard, we are expecting the arrival of our second child! Wow! Isn’t God good? Our newest “recruit” will arrive around Dec. 6 and we know that she will have a huge impact in our ministry and our growing family. Valerie has been dealing with a lot of (the normal [...]

Moving House

I don’t believe that I have ever met a person who likes to move, even if it’s just across town. Moving is a lot of work! Once the school year at Black Forest Academy is complete, it’s not summer. It is moving season! Almost everyone is relocating. Graduates are moving to college. Families are [...]


Recently, I was involved in a panel discussion with our high school, small group girls. This was a great privilege for me but also took me out of my comfort zone. The topic was “Intimacy with God.” What does it mean and not mean?  What is the importance of intimacy with Christ? My initial thought [...]
Nathan and the Griesses at BFA's 2012 commencement celebration.

I Love My Job!

Recently I had the privilege of representing Black Forest Academy(BFA) during a recruiting trip to the States. I truly had mixed emotions about going and leaving Elijah and Jonathan for 18 days, but I was so excited to see my family and visit universities to recruit faculty/staff for the 2013-2014 [...]
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