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  December 2012 Newsletter Hopefully among all the Christmas cards, packages and holiday wishes that have been flooding your mail box, you’ve also received our latest newsletter. If you didn’t get anything in the mail from us, you can click on the link above and see all the photos and news from [...]
NOT fasting at the bahnhof

Going By Fast

I was walking down the hallway when a group of three BFA students stopped and asked me if I would take their survey for spiritual formation class (or was it Worldviews?). OK. “Have you ever fasted?” asked the somewhat serious girl with the clipboard. She seemed to be leading the quest for [...]
Mr. Hill works with a student

Avenues – The World School

What is Avenues? A global school with faculty and campuses in all the world’s largest cultures will [give students] a huge advantage… Existing in and working with another culture is the best way to learn about it.  - excerpt from the Avenues website [] I recently heard a story on the [...]

Bear Creek

If you’re ever in north-central Arkansas, not too far from Batesville and even closer to Evening Shade, there is a community of hard-working, God-fearing folks who would welcome you like family. They are the members of Bear Creek United Methodist Church. They are making a difference in their [...]

The Imago Dei

VIDEO POST: I have been taking a summer class focusing on the development of moral structures and the way we shape what is right and what is wrong. Even as a believer, issues of justice, compassion, law and grace are not always black and white. But there is one foundational issue that should [...]
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