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Celebrating Life

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and the many prayers of thanksgiving as we celebrated Elijah’s first birthday. We did not want to let the day pass without expressing our gratitude for encouraging us through your support. Having a child is a definite joy, but one that is also full of [...]

Spring Break! UPDATE

VIDEO POST: We just wanted to share a “slide show” with you to demonstrate what was accomplished during BFA’s spring break. This is for a team of students from Kandern, Germany who helped build a home in Romania over spring break. More information can be found at [...]

Spring Break! Give It Up!

Yessss. Spring break! For some people, it brings to mind the stereotypical, hedonistic, high school or college party-fests. For some it’s a special road trip to the beach or the mountains. Maybe it means family, friends and time that somehow seemed to escape us the other 51 weeks. For some it is an [...]

New High Score!

Many of the kids here at Black Forest Academy are gamers when they have free time… which isn’t often. A lot of them will hang out playing Minecraft in the yearbook room after school. When we dorm sub at HBR, some of the guys are usually playing multi-person games on the Wii or PlayStation… until [...]

Merry Christmas!

  Happy holidays from the Griesse family! You are part of our Christmas celebration this year. It’s a celebration of joy and gratitude for what God is doing here in Germany and around the world through schools like Black Forest Academy, mission organizations like TeachBeyond and faithful mission [...]
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