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The Imago Dei

VIDEO POST: I have been taking a summer class focusing on the development of moral structures and the way we shape what is right and what is wrong. Even as a believer, issues of justice, compassion, law and grace are not always black and white. But there is one foundational issue that should [...]

We Are All the Works of Your Hand

Bowls, mugs, plates, tea pots EVERYWHERE! Recently, some of the ladies in our small group took a trip to Poland.  We called it a woman’s retreat. Our goals were to see lots and lots of Polish pottery and get to know one another in the process. The car ride was about eight hours one way, so we had [...]

Extreme Couponing

With the constant changes in the economy, the decreasing value of the dollar and the high cost of fuel, many people have become consumed with saving money on groceries and house hold goods. The Learning Channel, or TLC’s Extreme Couponing a reality show that every episode tells the story of two or [...]


This past week has been spent mowing grass, washing trash cans and hauling gravel at the Black Forest Academy campuses to prepare for the school year and to make some simple, sweat-equity improvements. It’s hard work, but these days of sweating and straining have brought two things to mind, 1) the [...]


It happened around the time I was 37.2 years old. How do I know that? …because I was on a weekend retreat called The Walk to Emmaus and someone made a comment that the median life expectancy for an American male was 74.4 years. I did the math instead of listening to the speaker. Give or take a few [...]
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