Bear Creek

If you're ever in north-central Arkansas, not too far from Batesville and even closer to Evening Shade, there is a community of hard-working, God-fearing folks who would welcome you like family. They are the members of Bear Creek United Methodist Church. They are making a difference in their … Continue reading

We Are All the Works of Your Hand

Bowls, mugs, plates, tea pots EVERYWHERE! Recently, some of the ladies in our small group took a trip to Poland.  We called it a woman's retreat. Our goals were to see lots and lots of Polish pottery and get to know one another in the process. The car ride was about eight hours one way, so we had … Continue reading

Celebrating Life

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and the many prayers of thanksgiving as we celebrated Elijah's first birthday. We did not want to let the day pass without expressing our gratitude for encouraging us through your support. Having a child is a definite joy, but one that is also full of … Continue reading

New High Score!

Many of the kids here at Black Forest Academy are gamers when they have free time… which isn't often. A lot of them will hang out playing Minecraft in the yearbook room after school. When we dorm sub at HBR, some of the guys are usually playing multi-person games on the Wii or PlayStation... … Continue reading

Roundabouts and Revolving Doors

What are your plans for 2012? You know you've been looking ahead and wondering what the year might be like. What if it were full of roundabouts and revolving doors? Have you ever been through a season in life when everything was changing? Maybe your kids moved up to a new school, a family member … Continue reading